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Doug Garnett is an entertaining and insightful speaker and has spent nearly 20 years as an adjunct instructor in the School of Business Administration at Portland State University. His 2020/2021 teaching schedule became even more adventurous with remote Zoom teaching for an entire year and classes of 45 students or more!

Doug is a respected expert in leveraging innovations and business complexity for higher market returns. He’s also an expert it brand building, advertising communication, product introductions, and television. His first book, “Building Brand with Direct Response Television” was published in 2011. He is currently writing a new book due looking at how business should use lessons from complexity to establish competitive advantage.

You can see Doug in this recent series of online panels hosted and recorded by Silicon Valley strategy and marketing agency OrionX.

In addition to his teaching, Doug speaks at industry trade and business media events including the National Hardware Show, the National Housewares Show, the Direct Marketing Association, and the American Marketing Association. He also provides in-house training around complexity in business and the marketing of innovation.

For details on how to book Doug as a speaker contact with the subject line “Speaker Request”. To read more on Doug’s background, visit the “About” page.


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