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Mobile Advertising Not All It’s Been Cracked Up to Be?

So, how many more of these arguments for new media do we have to put up with? Remember when the airplane seatback was going to be the ultimate advertising? Or the gas pump? Or the subway? Or, social media? Or…

Well, for years we’ve had to put up with the same drivel about mobile advertising. But the reality is that people want more privacy in their mobile lives. The latest mobile ads on my iPhone are as ghastly and intrusive as the worst of hard sell ads.

In truth, mobile advertising has the tonality of a 3rd world airport – where we’re pestered by people selling rides, luggage hauling, tours, and many more things.

Now, a new survey out of the UK shows tremendous dissatisfaction from consumers on the topic of mobile ads. (Link here.) I hope no one is surprised. Because if you are, then you’re not paying much human attention to how your phone works.

There clearly is commercial value on mobile devices – no question. Is the biggest potential with advertising? That’s not clear. Especially if you pay attention humanly to advertising.

And so, the cycle of hype and under delivery from new media continues. New media advocates, though, would be wise to be more accurate and honest about their media’s potential. If they are, they just might develop a superb base of long term clients who reap financial reward from their use. Otherwise, they’ll follow the cycle of sweetly profitable spike in the beginning followed by a desperate search to find advertisers who will pay for their services.

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